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Brandon Dames

Second degree black belt

Brandon is a second degree black belt in Jiu Jitsu under the legend Orlando Sanchez. Brandon has not only competed in MMA and IBJJF but has also coaches numerous MMA fighters and grapplers alike. Brandon has four black belts under him, with his athletes winning many titles and making the podium in numerous IBJJF and other organizations. Brandon has trained at the world class level of Jiu Jitsu for many years and has trained alongside 2015 ADCC champion and 2017 ADCC silver medalist Orlando Sanchez. Brandon’s early years were spent under Mitch Coats, who was Alexandre Paiva Genovesi’s (aka Gigi ) first American black belt. Brandon shared his time training between Mitch and Mitch’s black belt Christopher Dealy. Training at this level helped mold Brandon’s attention to detail adding in both concepts and wrestling. When Mitch returned to college to get his law degree Brandon continued his journey with Orlando. Brandon, well versed in grappling at this time, sought out Orlando due to his size and ability to move like a smaller opponent. Once with Orlando, Orlando put his game and grappling IQ into Brandon putting him through hard training, multiple sessions a day. This is where Brandon was introduced to low impact high intensity training and what he calls today as #Wegrind. After Orlando Sanchez passed in December of 2022, Brandon joined forces with his and Orlando’s friend, Heath Pedigo owner of PSF/Daisy Fresh. Brandon is excited to bring this level of training to the Space Coast and build champions on and off the mat. As well as provide a drama free, all are welcome atmosphere for all to enjoy.
Brandon Black Belts:
. Howard Galliani
. Derek sasaki
. Logan Skinner
. Justin Del Real

PSF Space Coast

David Zelner

Purple belt

David Zelner has been training martial arts since high school first starting jiu jitsu and competing regularly at local tournaments. Eventually transitioning into MMA. He has been working on many different aspects of Martial arts with jiu jitsu being his base. In 2018 taking the Gold in IKF kickboxing worlds in Orlando Florida. He then went on to win his first amateur belt in California at 155 lbs becoming the inland empire champion for I.E. Fight night. Then defending his belt with a first round tko 4 months later for the same organization. He then was offered to fight for CombatNight based out of Florida closer to home. Continuing to do jiu jitsu tournaments to stay sharp for mma between fights. Winning a Naga no gi championship David continued to prove himself in several disciplines of martial arts, and stayed persistent on his goal to becoming professional mma fighter. Winning the 145 lb and 155 lb title for CombatNight becoming A CombatNight CHAMP CHAMP. Holding belts at two weight classes he decided to turn professional in 2021. Winning his debut in the 2nd round by Submission showing his effectiveness for jiu jitsu once again. Now a professional with a record of 4-2 he continues to train and teach what he has learned through the process. Enjoying many aspects of the sport he is a purple belt at jiu jitsu under Brandon Dames and loves to teach his knowledge of this beautiful art. Including striking, self defense, wrestling he is a great asset to the community. He encourages conquering challenges and going after your Goals but most importantly enjoying the process.

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