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PSF Space Coast is the premier Jiu Jitsu training academy in Rockledge, Florida and a community of driven athletes. When you join our Jiu Jitsu classes you’ll meet a family of passionate martial artists who support and motivate each other. Our experienced instructors are here to help you knock down obstacles and fight against doubts. Martial arts training will uncover your strength and perseverance to help you reach your highest potential. Challenge yourself with Jiu Jitsu classes at PSF Space Coast and let us help you grow!

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PSF Space Coast

About Us:

PSF Space Coast instructors teach by the Pedigo Submission Fighting curriculum. This Jiu Jitsu training system is rooted in high intensity and accountability. We are a family who wants passionate members that challenge themselves for the sake of growth. We believe that BJJ is for anyone who’s interested in improving their discipline and building better habits. It’s a method for students of all ages to learn success through failure and persevere through adversity. These philosophies build athletes who are great problem-solvers in life, school, and work. Whether someone joins our teen, adult, or growing kids Jiu Jitsu programs, they’ll build a foundation for a better future!

BJJ is an athletic experience unlike traditional sports due to its independent nature. While you may have classmates and sparring partners, you’re typically competing alone. The real competition is yourself and a test of your dedication to work hard while your classmates and instructors support you. Growing with the PSF Space Coast Jiu Jitsu community changes your outlook on life. We have athletes of contrasting personalities and different backgrounds who still develop a sense of camaraderie. You’ll build better communication skills and confidence while testing your physical limits alongside your PSF Space Coast colleagues.

Our History:

Brandon Dames opened PSF Space Coast in Rockledge in 2023 to share his knowledge of Jiu Jitsu with Florida residents. He was always passionate about opening his own gym, so the moment he was financially capable he took on the challenge! Brandon teaches Jiu Jitsu classes while following in his biggest inspiration’s footsteps – Heath Pedigo. Heath Pedigo is the founder of Pedigo Submission Fighting Academy (PSF). Despite starting in an old laundromat in Mount Vernon, Illinois, the academy has grown tremendously. Despite the academy’s original size and budget, the PSF’s name and reputation is notable in IBJFF while producing champions such as Chad Hawkins, Sathya Wiltse, Chris Heatherly, and Alejandro Wajner, to name a few.

Why It's Important

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PSF Space Coast takes time with our students to develop a strong foundation of skills both physically and mentally.

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Our martial arts classes are intense and push your limits. With PSF Space Coast, you’ll overcome obstacles and doubts to achieve goals and find success through failure.

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The elements of martial arts training will change your attitude and worldview. You’ll be instilled with increased strength and discipline.

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Grappling with your peers develops camaraderie and teamwork. Your classmates are excited to support and motivate you.

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We welcome everyone to train with us regardless of age, skill level, or financial capabilities. We’ll do our part to ensure you are given a great experience and support.

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PSF Space Coast has everything…except you! Join our community today and begin your martial arts journey!

PSF Space Coast

2025 Murrell Rd, Suite 120 Rockledge, FL 32955

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